ALS Bikinis Frequently Asked Questions

About ALS Bikinis

ALS Bikinis has been in development for years and we are constantly evolving our design philosophy. We asked many women what they like and what they do not like about bikinis and we incorporated their comments to bring you the best bikinis in the world. For example, our bikinis do not have an obnoxious tag in the front to detract from the suit. We provide Brazilian cut bikini bottoms so that they can be worn in some more conservative areas and on beaches that ban thongs. We also provide you plenty of large sample pictures in each style so that you can see how the bikinis look both when wet and when dry. We want you, the customer, to be 100% sure of what you are ordering and we want you to say "This ALS Bikini is the best bikini I have ever owned". Our Models LOVE the ALS Bikinis and we are sure you will as well.

About Our Materials

All ALS Bikinis are hand made in the USA. We use only the finest materials available and we personally inspect each and every bikini for quality assurance before they are shipped. All of this for a super low price of $59.00 USD per Bikini.

* Since each bikini is made by hand there may be slight variations is stitching.

Our Fabrics

We use only the finest quality fabrics available. If you follow the simple care instructions they will last you for many years. Please note that the fabric color may vary among the different fabric types as well as when the bikinis are wet or dry. This is why we provide you lots of large sample pictures.

Lycra - This fabric is the least transparent of the group. Even when wet, it is still not very see-through. However the general rule is that the lighter the color the more transparent it is. Dark colors are more opaque.

Powernet / Fishnet - Both of these fabrics are a soft netted material. The fishnet has bigger holes than the Powernet. Fishnet material is only available in Black or White.

Glistenet / Sheer - Both of these fabric options are fairly see-through. Lighter colors tend to be more see-through even when dry, and they are really transparent when wet. The Glistenet fabric has a shimmer / glitter to it while the Sheer fabric does not.

Our Thread

Normal serger thread is fuzzy and very uneven. Elite Premium Serger Thread is used in all ALS Bikinis and it is the finest thread you can buy. It sews more evenly which means stronger and more consistent seams.

Thread Comparison

Our Jump Rings

We offer the choice of Gold or Silver metal rings in all of our ALS Bikini designs. Our metal rings are made to the highest quality standards. The Gold rings are 22 ct. gold-plated and our Silver rings are all nickel-plated. Both finishes are polished to a brilliant shine. Many of our competitors use cheap plastic rings so buyer beware!! If you want real quality, then you want ALS Bikinis!

Garment Care

ALS Bikinis uses first quality fabrics in the manufacture of its bikinis. All bikinis are 20% spandex and 80% nylon, however, despite its great stretch and appearance of strength, nylon / spandex fabrics can be easily damaged.

Hot tubs and swimming pools contain chlorine which may damage the nylon / spandex in your bikini. The sheer and transparent fabrics are even more delicate and should be treated with extra care. Suntan oils can also damage the fabric of your swimwear with prolonged use. If you use tanning oil make sure to completely wash it out of your bikini after each use. If using a self-tanning product, do not apply it when wearing your bikini, wait at least 15 minutes after application before putting on your bikini. Self-tanning product ingredients may cause your bikini to change color.

Light colors will fade more quickly than dark colors in the intense summer sun.

After use, hand wash your bikini in cold water and mild soap. Rinse well with cold water and hang to dry out of the sun. Never ring out your bikini. Do not leave your bikini rolled up wet as that subjects it to mildew which may cause it to deteriorate faster than normal. Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Sizing Information

We offer our bikinis in 4 different sizes, Petite, Small, Medium, and Large. The sizes are defined as follows:

String Bikini and Boyshort Bottoms:

  • Petite = 23-27in. (58-68cm)
  • Small = 27-31in. (69-78cm)
  • Medium = 31-35in. (79-88cm)
  • Large = 35-40in. (89-102cm)

String Bikini Tops:

They tie in the back so one size fits all. However we do offer these styles in three different coverage options. The 2.5in. (6cm) is thin and barely covers the nipple. The 4.5in (11cm). is wider and significantly covers the breast, and the 6.0in (15cm). option is for our customers with larger breasts that require significant coverage.

String Suit Size Info

Bandeau Tops:

  • Petite = 22-26in. (58-68cm)
  • Small = 26-30in. (69-78cm)
  • Medium = 30-34in. (79-88cm)
  • Large = 34-39in. (89-102cm)

WideBand Bikini Bottoms:

The bottom size of the bikini is determined by your waist size. We currently offer suits in four sizes: petite, small, medium and large. To determine your size, please refer to the chart below.

  • Petite = 23-27in. (58-68cm)
  • Small = 27-31in. (69-78cm)
  • Medium = 31-35in. (79-88cm)
  • Large = 35-40in. (89-102cm)

WideBand Bikini Tops:

  • Petite = 23-27in. (58-68cm)
  • Small = 27-30in. (69-76cm)
  • Medium = 30-34in. (77-86cm)
  • Large = 34-40in. (87-102cm)

* Please note that this style comes with one coverage option = 3.0in. (8cm)

Measurements for bottoms should be taken midway between the waist and hips. Measurements for tops should be taken around the ribcage directly below the breasts.

Wideband Suit Size Info

About Purchasing And Returns

Purchasing Separates

We only sell the Bikinis online as a matched top and bottom pair. The reason for this is because we want to minimize the number of labels that are required. As a result our Bikini Tops do not have any annoying labels on them. The care instructions for the Bikini Tops are the same as it is for the Bikini Bottoms. If you would like to purchase seperates you can do so by placing a phone order, please call 623-237-3307 M-F 9am-4pm EST or email at The seperates will be $29.50 each.

Ordering Options

We offer a wide range of color options in our styles. You can pick many different panel and edge combinations so that your bikini fits your style. Since all women are not built the same, you can order the Bikini bottom and tops in different sizes.


Each ALS Bikini is carefully placed into individually sealed plastic bags and packaged inside a plain bubble-lined mailer for shipping.

Refund Policy

Due to hygiene laws we cannot accept bikini bottoms as returns since there is no way we can determine if they have been worn or not. We inspect each bikini for quality before it is shipped. However, if in the unusual event you notice a manufacturing defect please notify us immediately and we will gladly ship you an identical replacement upon its return.

About Payment and Shipping Options

Since these bikinis are custom made, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery (possibly even longer for some overseas shipments). We ship all bikinis using the US postal service. They provide the best cost/reliability options. All overseas shipping is air mail.

Our flat rate shipping and handling charge is as follows:

For One (1) Bikini (top and bottom):
  $8 USD within the USA
  $12 USD World wide

Add $2 for each additional Bikini.

We do offer Express shipping for an additional charge depending on the destination. Please call 623-237-3307 M-F 9am-4pm EST or email at to request this service. Please keep in mind that all of our bikinis are hand made to order and we must still allow time for production.

Customs Fees and Duties

The customer is responsible for any Customs charges / fees (if any) that may be imposed when the ALS Bikinis are shipped into your country. All ALS Bikinis are made in the USA so any order shipped within the United States will not be subject to any customs duties. However, we cannot control what occurs in foreign countries Customs.

Our Privacy Policy

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Photo Submission Disclaimer

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